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-2006 Yamaha Topaz XII From R&D Line w/ Mixed 8 Head Pick Up System w/ FNC and ATC Nozzles, for Faster Placement w/ (30) Feeders.
-Glenbrook RTX-113HV w/ 80 KVA Tube
-Glenbrook RTX-113 with New 55KVA Tube
-'03 DEK Horizon w/ 3D Vision System, Gridlock tooling, Vacuum Understencil Wipe w/ Spare Parts Cache, Including Vision Card, Servo Motors, Vortex Cleaning System, Etc...Mostly New.
-JUKI 730L Chip Shooter for Inexpensive Addition to JUKI 700 series Assembly Line w/ Entire 730L Parts Machine All Packed Up Minus 3rd Head and (20) Feeders....Much More @

 SD Exchange LLC.

Current Electronic Assembly Equipment
With almost Two Decades of Experience in the Industry, including
having our own CM Shop in California and Malaysia with
Six Full SMT Assembly Lines Using Systems Made by
Manufacturers such as JUKI/Zevatech, Samsung, Yamaha/Assembleon/Philips, MPM, DEK, Vitronics Soltec and Heller. We on hands technical knowledge of lines we Carry and Support. This is the Reason, you will only See Us Selling and Supporting the Placement Systems mentioned above. If we Do Not
Know the Condition, "In's and Out's" of the Equipment, WE WILL NOT SELL IT TO YOU! That's Our Pledge To You.
We Only Work With A Handful of Companies that Sell Their Manufacturing Equipment When New Units are Purchased or Lines are Phased Out.
As Far As Our Feeders, They Come Straight From Original Manufacturers in Japan and Korea, Contacts We Made While Manufacturing in Asia.
Also, with years of Experience we can also help you find the RIGHT
Just Speak With One Of Our Experts And Their Years Of Knowledge In the Field Are Immediately Apparent.
Thank you and Please Contact Us At Anytime With Questions
Or Comments.
Scientific Devices Exchange LLC. DBA SD Exchange.

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